Obstacle Course Events are not only a great way to generate income for your organization, they also create memories that will last a lifetime.

ABF Mud Run was founded by Chad Mason, a Certified Personal, Trainer and Nutritionist, who started personal training in the Marine Corps in 1993. A little over 10 years ago, he became actively involved with numerous charities organizations and helping others.

Having competed in several obstacles’ courses over the past few 20 years, and often raising money, or awareness for other charities, Chad decided to put together a plan to help raise money for charities local to his area.

Now, all he had to do was convince a bunch of his students from the ABF Mud Run Training Camps to join him in this venture and help create an obstacle course that could run from his hometown thru out the United States. This was an opportunity that several others quickly jumped at, and so life for ABF began.

From 2010, until present ABF and ABF training camps have helped many people over come many of life’s true obstacles. The walls, tires and ramps we put up represent much more to the many runners we have had come thru our courses. Families of children with “differabilities” are able to enjoy and participate in the fun because of the many people that have helped with this vision along the way. The smiles and laughter at the end of each race, hardly give inclination to some of the challenges these participants have faced along the way of an ABF Obstacle Course.

We look forward to being able to continue to provide the many more organizations, charities, and veterans we have worked with, or will work with in the future, our positive zest for life, the great leadership skills, and our true sense for overcoming life’s obstacles, with a challenging yet creative obstacle course event.

All sponsors will get a link from our webpage Sponsor page where we are currently getting over 200 hits a day. This can be your company logo with a link to your website embedded to help redirect our participants to your site.

Depending on your level of sponsorship, your company’s logo and information will be posted at an obstacle for all of our participants to see.


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