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We Have The Passion, Experience, and Equipment

We design, build, and rent obstacles that can be pre-fabricated and shipped to you direct, or handled all the way through installation. Our seasoned staff has the experience and passion to assist with any event around the globe.


AKA “Mrs. Mudder”
Registration Manager
Merchandise Manager / Photographer
Room Mom / OCR Team

They say, “Behind Every Great Man Is An even Greater Woman” and that is stands true with ABF.  Jessica has been a key part of the backbone here at ABF since her first event in 2011.

She started out by helping our Professional Photographers for a season, before moving to Registration Manager, each year of success bringing a new position, until her current place as a Team Leader. She has her hands in every aspects of setting up an Obstacle Course Event to Cleanup.

Her bubbly personality will light up a room,  assisting people over walls, always giving it her all.



Course Designer
Build Team Leader
Course Team Leader

Raul has been with the ABFamily for many years. Raul first came out to train, after a very serious motorcycle accident left him with limited use of his ankle. Chad and Raul started working together on ways for him to train, despite some of the physical limitations Raul was facing. As they worked together a transformation happened, and Raul has been on his way ever since.

Raul has been part of events and construction. He is versatile in his ability to help with the course design to Security Team Leader. This has been key for many safe and successful events throughout the years.


Dr. Kevin Gyurina

Before, during or after an event have your participants, employees or clients experience their individual greatness; build their confidence and have them leaving empowered and switched on! Dr Kevin’s brand of personal coaching is sure to wow and delight. Hire an expert to inspire and motivate your teams to be their best in work, play and life.

Personal Coaching and Mentor-ship: Dr Kevin is available for hire to improve personal outlook on life, solution implementation and team bonding. Dr Kevin is a certified wellness professional, Doctor of chiropractic, energy healer and lifestyle mentor. Bring holistic perspectives and approach to your team may very well be the difference between a average year or a blockbuster winner!


Chad Mason

AKA “Jarhead” – Founder / Director

My goal in life has always been to pay it forward. I believe that each individual has the ability to reach down deep inside themselves and do great things beyond their comfort zone, they just need that extra push.

The ABF Mud Run courses are designed to push each participant to the limit.  I want this to be one of the toughest challenges you have ever faced.  One of my main objectives is to have each and every participant finish the course and feel a sense of accomplishment.  If you can do that, then I will consider it a success.  And of course, the proceeds from these events are donated to very worthy causes.

So believe in yourself, push yourself to the limit like you have never done before, and do not quit until you reach that finish line.  Whether it is an event or training at the ABF Training Camp, I am there to help you in any way I can.



Build Crew Member
OCR Team

Ava completed her first Mud Run at the age of 8.  Ever since then, she has spent her Summers and Weekends learning how to set up Obstacle Course Events around the globe.

At any time you will find her delivering material to the set up crews, finish touch painting after set up, photographer on race day, or anything in between.





Build Crew Team Leader
Course Team Leader
OCR Team

Tom has been a huge asset to our team over the last 3 years.  His leadership qualities, motivation, and drive help us run safe and successful events.

You will find him out on the course assisting people over walls, working with course medical personal, or motivating the runners like only he does best.  




We Provide Obstacle Course Construction, Rentals, and Training Anywhere Around the Globe.