The ABF 10K Mud Run

Mason’s previous charitable efforts have led to his next big venture. On November 5,
2011, Mason and friends from throughout South Jersey will be running Medford’s
first-ever mud run event—the ABF 10K Mud Run. Starting at 8:00 am, the
run will be held on the Camp Ockanickon grounds and feature 6.4 miles
of trails. Six existing water obstacles will be featured and are sure to
challenge any runner. A total of 24 obstacles—ranging from crawling through
small tunnels saturated with mud to scaling over 10′ walls—will be used in the

Half of the proceeds from the event will go to the
Strong Kids Campaign, a proud collaborator with Camp Ockanickon that helps
with the development of before- and after-school programs. “When kids get bored, they can
get themselves into trouble or develop bad habits,” says Mason. “Foundations like the Strong Kids Campaign help to
keep kids engaged. They can be healthy and active, and do good things in the
community. Best of all, they can make new friends and strengthen the
relationships they have with others.”

The obstacles in mud runs break up the monotony of typical road running
events, according to Mason. “One of the fun parts about mud runs is that the
people partaking in these events are like one big family. Teams are assembled,
and each person helps each other out throughout the run. The
competitiveness is geared more at getting done with the course rather than
beating the other runners. Mud runs will test your mental and physical ability
like no other race out there.”

As Mason and his friends have begun developing the course for the ABF 10K Mud Run,
they have actually opened up trails at Camp Ockanickon that were essentially
destroyed from major floods that hit the area back around 2006. “In these tough
economic times, it’s hard for camps like Camp Ockanickon to maintain the
manpower or equipment that’s needed to maintain their beautiful trails,” says
Mason. “The ABF 10K Mud Run team has been able to open up most of the closed
trails with the use of equipment donated by Green Top Landscaping as well as
time and effort from our staff. Every Saturday after Boot Camp training at
Above and Beyond Fitness, we’ve taken time to work on these trails and develop
obstacles, and it’s all starting to come to fruition. It’s an exciting time!”

To participate in the ABF 10K Mud Run, there is a
registration fee, which can be found online by going to

Spectators can watch the run from different areas on the course for $5.00 each.
The ABF 10K Mud Run will also offer a kids course that is 1 mile for free with
a paid adult entry.

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